Blackcurrant Dose

Grether’s Pastilles Redcurrant continue the tradition that started with the Blackcurrant Pastilles.
The pure and natural redcurrant juice - further refined with the flavour of the passion fruit - is incomparable and delicious, and gives the pastilles a fresh, exotic note.

The Redcurrant (Ribes rubrum) has, just like the blackcurrant, an anti-inflammatory effect and soothes a sore throat. It is also rich in vitamin C and strengthens the body defences, especially if you are suffering from a cold . 


Blackcurrant Info

Grether’s Pastilles Redcurrant, sugarfree

  • The exotic fresh alternative made from redcurrant juice
  • Sweetened with maltitol syrup and acesulfame-K
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Particularly kind to your teeth

GutzeichenDoes not contain gluten
GutzeichenWithout artificial colourings
GutzeichenWithout preservatives

toothfriendlyThe sugarfree Grether´s Pastilles
Blackcurrant and Redcurrant were
awarded the "Zahnmännli" symbol

of the Swiss initiative "Aktion Zahnfreundlich",
which promotes the protection of teeth.

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